Wisdom And Wilderness

"My journey here in southwestern Yukon has been a resolute descent into its natural and cultural past. It has demanded of me that I nurture a deep sense of solitude, deeper perhaps than at any time in my life. I am held to this place by dark and remarkable winters followed always by brilliant flashes of summer. As seasons pass, my insistence on imposing a human order on the nonhuman world has forfeited its grip. On winter nights, accompanied by little more than a copper oil lantern, I have begin to forge some understanding of the connection between landscape and mindscape, and ultimately, between wisdom and wilderness."

"Stories are held within this northern landscape, to be heard again and again in its rivers. I hear another in the distant and dying howl of a lone wolf that I imagine wandering deep in the Alsek Valley along the moonlit ridge above Summit Creek. I can foresee a time in which this howl may be for a mate no longer of this earth. Alone and in search of some other living wolf, it moves, stalks, yellow eyes focusing intently on the grey light of the valley floor. Breathing very cold arctic air into its lungs, it is unaware of the utterly devastating fact that it is the last wolf."

from: Conjectures of a Northern Journeyman

Greg near cabin in Yukon