Politics of Place

As we continue to pump resources out of the periphery and into the center, from the countryside into the city, from the poor to the rich, as the economy heats up - as it does in our current economic system - it has become increasingly acceptable to ruin one place for the sake of another.

Local municipal politics – a politics of place - is the fail-safe against such a system and the core of local politics is “an ethic of place.” Charles Wilkinson put it this way:

"An ethic of place respects equally the people of a region and the land, animals, vegetation, water, and air. It recognizes that people revere their physical surroundings and they need and deserve a stable, productive economy that is accessible to those with modest incomes. An ethic of place ought to be a shared community value and ought to manifest itself in a dogged determination to treat the environment and its people as equals, to recognize both as sacred, and to insure that all members of the community not just search for but insist upon solutions that fulfill the ethic."

Charles Wilkinson, from: "Crossing the Next Meridian"

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