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Over the course of the last thirty years Gregory Heming has devoted much of his time and energy to promoting a dialogue on the inter-connectedness of environment, economics, rural community development and politics. He has done so as a journalist, academic, published author, community activist, businessman and elected representative.

Gregory has spoken, written and published often and passionately on a range of topics including steady-state and ecological economics, environment and philosophical ecology, public policy, government reform of the commons, and the spiritual importance and relationship between wilderness and human compassion. His efforts have been published in over 250 essays, papers, presentations and journalistic columns - most of which have dealt directly with the notion that economy and ecology are integral partners in civic life, and are best understood and delivered through what he calls place-based community engagement.

Gregory holds a PhD in Literary Ecology and Northern Studies with post-graduate studies in religion and philosophy. He lives with his wife Christine on a few acres along the Annapolis River in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.
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Centre For Local Prosperity

Gregory is founder and Co-director of Centre for Local Prosperity located in rural Port Royal, Nova Scotia. The centre takes pride in working alongside community groups, businesses and governments to identify opportunities and assess the risks in making the shift to a new economy. Over time, the Centre envisions the crafting of economic, social and political strategies that invite a balance between local economic development and the preservation and restoration of natural systems.


  Wisdom And Wilderness

Gregory has engaged in a life of adventure with the hope of discovering the deep connections between wisdom and wilderness. Ecologist Joseph Meeker once remarked, “Before we reach the point where both wisdom and wilderness cease to exist, we should think about what they are, how they relate to one another, and what the world would be like without them.” These are the big questions - the only real important ones.

  Beauty And Grace

History demonstrates that vision without enlightened action does not serve us well. Gregory’s hope is to rediscover an older, more deeply rooted and graceful intelligence that becomes the new social, economic and political narrative that restores the commons, elevates the notion of fairness, and sets a higher standard by which all progress can be measured.

  The Politics of Place

As a political activist and elected representative with a passion for economic history and geography, Gregory works toward a political system grounded in a particular place. Both the political landscape and the natural one must support and nourish one another in what he calls “an ethic of place.”